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 Computer Tips

Computer Dos and Don'ts

  • Rebooting - Rebooting your computer when a problem occurs will sokve many problems. It is also advisable to reboot once per day in order to help Windows manage computer memory.  Turning off your computer at the end of the day also helps minimize internal dust accumulation and saves electricity.  
  • Backups - Do a full data backup at least once per month, and more often for critical data such as documents, photographs and financial information.  Keep the back up media in a safe place, such as fireproof safes, safe deposit boxes, or at a bare minimum, off-site from the location of the computer.  
  • Tune Up - Perform a weekly or monthly tune-up of your computer’s hardware and software, including a disk cleanup, scan, and defragmentation; and updates and scans for viruses and spyware.  
  • Dust - Do not smoke, drink, or eat near your computer.  At least once per year, open the computer case and use compressed air to remove dust from the inside.  
  • Software - Keep copies of CD’s, serial numbers, and registration numbers for all software and hardware that comes with the computer or is purchased at the store or downloaded.  Also keep all installation instructions and manuals for using these materials.  
  • Files & Folders - Do not delete files or folders from your computer that you dn not create.  It is safe to delete shortcuts to programs from your desktop that you do not use.  These are indicated with a small curved arrow in the lower left corner of the icon.  
  • ISP Info - Keep a copy of your current Internet Service Provider information.  This includes telephone numbers for customer service and technical support; user names, addresses, and passwords; and mail server names.   
  • Antivirus - Avoid using Norton or McAfee software as they often cause more problems than they solve.  Instead, purchase a reliable antivirus solution from developers such as Trend Micro or AVG Free (free for home users only).   
  • Security - Do your best to keep you computer free from Internet intruders.  Do not open unsolicited email or open attachments from people you do not know.  Avoid web pages offering free and fantastic deals.    

If you are not comfortable with any of the above tips, please contact us for advise and assistance at (647) 367-5978 or through our Contact Us webpage.

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