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 Tips, Misconceptions and Our Guarantee

Picking a computer that is right for you can be a difficult task.  However, a knowledgeable computer technician can eliminate the guess work by asking the right questions and customizing a system that meets your needs for today and tomorrow. 

Feel free to review our Computer Buying Tips section to familiarize yourself with some hardware to consider and their accompanying technical terms. 

Often, a technician may give you an explanation about a computer problem that doesn't sound quite right.  This may be due to a lack of proper training or an unwillingness to invest the time and effort needed to properly analyze a problem.  We have listed some common Computer Misconceptions

Once you have purchased your computer and any other hardware for your home or business, consider the maintenance required to keep it running efficiently. Of the many misconceptions regarding computer maintenance, we have listed the Top 5 Most Costly.

When a computer shop or technician gives you "technospeak", you may find it difficult to understand the conversatino and simply agree with them since they should know what they are talking about.  We have listed several characteristics you should demand from your technician. 

You as a customer are entitled to certain guarantees.  Your Bill of Rights lists these for you.

We have included a special webpage of Computer Dos and Don'ts Tips.