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  Remote Support Services

Using remote support technology, we connect to your computer to assess the level of the problem and make necessary repairs while you watch.  All you need is to have your computer connected to the Internet with high speed access. You will also need to be in front of your computer to start the service. You can watch everything that is being done right on your screen, and you can stop the connection any time you want.  Help is only a phone call away!

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Remote Support Services


 Please call (416) 827-1224
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By requesting remote support, you agree that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Conditions

  Advantages of Remote Support Services:

  • Simple issues may be fixed quickly within minutes 
  • You can observe while the problem is being resolved
  • You can watch and learn as the repairs are done 
  • You are in complete control
  • Our applet is automatically removed when the service ends

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  How Remote Support Can Help:

  • System tune-up & routine maintenance to speed up your PC
  • Configure and setup email & software applications
  • Locate and remove rogue programs such as trojans, malware and viruses
  • Install and configure new programs
  • Troubleshoot problems and configure system
  • Software upgardes and patches
  • Assist with hardware installation and troubleshooting
  • Increase system security
  • Tuition and general PC advise
  • Solve all sorts of computer problems
  • And much more!

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  Remote Support Limitations:

  • Network / Internet connection problems - as the service relies on a working Internet connection, this type of problem cannot be solved using our web-based remote support
  • Hardware problems - hard drive, memory, video, etc. problems that cause the machine not to startup or affect its Internet connection will require an onsite visit

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  Frequently Asked Questions:
  • SecurityAll communications between us and you are encrypted. All sessions are initiated by and completely under your control - you choose what level of control we have and can stop the session at any time. No software is installed permanently on your machine - the software is temporarily downloaded to enable us to access your machine, and is removed after each session. We can't access your machine without your express permission.
  • Speed - The software is web based, and is available anywhere on demand. It's a small download, and will be ready usually within 30 seconds of an accepted session request. The software is compatible with most firewalls and routers, so there shouldn't be any complex configuration required.
  • Compatibility - Available to PC users running Windows 2000 Pro / Server or higher or Server 2003. While a broadband Internet connection is preferable, it is still available to users on a dial-up connection.  Our system works on any connection. Dial-Up / Modem, Router, Broadband, Wireless, ISDN, and even within corporate networks.
  • Do you provide support to businesses?
    Yes.  We are able to connect to your computer system even if you have behind a corporate firewall. Our remote PC support services are available to both residential and business customers.
  • Does this mean that you can always connect to my computer?
    Not at all. You actually connect to us as the service works in reverse. You run the connection software which connects your PC with a technician. When the support session is complete, the connection software is removed from your computer automatically. We can only reconnect if you run the remote PC repair connection software again.

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