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 Know Your Technician / Service Shop

Critical CharacteristicsYou Should Demand
When dealing with a computer shop or technician, there are several characteristics that you should demand from your technician.

1. Demand someone who has a long-standing reputation. Let’s face it; there are a lot of other computer repair technicians out there, but most are new or just getting started. You want to make sure you avoid hiring a fly-by-night technician between jobs that sets up shop one day, and is out of business within a month or a year. Only deal with computer technicians and repair shops that have a proven track record in your area. DLG Systems Consulting has been servicing customers in Toronto and the GTA area for over 10 years.

Demand that they have specific knowledge or expertise on solving your particular problem. Do NOT let someone practice on your machine. If they are not familiar with problem, they should tell you that in advance. There is too much risk involved financially and in your data and equipment.

2. Demand that your technician backs up your system before working on it. This is just common sense. Don’t let them touch your machine before your entire system is securely backed up just in case something goes wrong.

3. Demand that your machine comes back with the same settings, look, preferences, and applications that you had on it prior to the work. There are a lot of second-rate shops with inexperienced technicians who will end up causing you more problems than you bargained for. Very frequently, these inexperienced technicians will recommend that you wipe out your hard drive and re-install Windows to fix a problem. This means you lose all of your settings and preferences, as well as losing all of the software programs you have installed. This should ONLY be done as a last resort.

WARNING: In addition to wiping out your hard drive, some of these shops may put illegal software on your machine using a stolen license. Not only is this illegal and putting you in a position to get fined, but most illegal software (especially Microsoft’s) is locked, which means you cannot download and update critical security patches. This leaves you unable to update your machine and protect it from deadly viruses, worms, and hackers.

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