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EC Environmental Policy

DLG Systems Consulting is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. We recognize the importance of our environment and its fragility, and the importance of conservation of resources and energy. It is important to us, to ensure we protect our environment while we conduct business.

As an IT company, we promote the responsible use of new technologies to minimize paper waste – we provide electronic distribution of proposals/invoices whenever possible. We utilize Internet technologies to provide paperless knowledge sharing and team collaboration, preferring electronic repositories over paper based replication. In all our business activities, we select the most non-polluting technologies and ensure waste minimization (including printing on recycled paper whenever possible, reusing waste paper before recycling it, and recycling printer cartridges). We select Energy Star compliant electronic equipment to minimize energy consumption.

With the automobile having a detrimental impact on our environment, we recognize that the Internet provides alternatives to commuting.  Accordingly, we provide a remote support option to encourage reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution.

We also comply with all regulatory requirements, including appropriate disposal of electronic equipment.

DLG Systems Consulting ensures that in the course of business, we act in an environmentally responsible manner, and endeavour to select suppliers and contractors whose environmental practices are in accordance with our philosophy. We encourage feedback from our customers, suppliers, and contractors about ways we can continue to improve our environmentally responsible activities.

We prefer to process all invoicing and billings electronically, using email-based invoicing and receipt generation, thereby reducing paper waste by avoiding standard printing of initial and reminder notices.

We hope you share in our hope that through responsible corporate environmental management, we can keep our planet clean and healthy for future generations.

Recycling of Used Equipment Policy

When replacing used equipment, it is our normal business practice to dispose of the hardware within 24 hours of pick up and/or after the data has been recovered. If the client wishes to have the equipment returned, they must make this request prior to its removal from their premises.

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