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 Computer Repair Services

DLG Systems Consulting is your source for complete computer repair. Whether your hard drive needs to be replaced or your power supply has failed, we can do it all. With service available in shop and at your home or business, we have the tools to get the job done right. And with our quick turn-around, you won’t have to wait weeks to get your computer back.

Symptoms a Desktop PC or Laptop Requires Service:

  • System won't start or no Power 
  • System is slow to boot up 
  • System is stuck in a reboot loop 
  • Black screen indicating a disk read or missing file error 
  • System experiences overheating 
  • Loud noise from inside the system 
  • System crashes or freezes up 
  • System shuts down automatically 
  • Programs freeze / hang frequently 
  • Unable to check email or browse the Internet 
  • Wireless network unable to connect 
  • Desktop is blank and/or disappears

Some of the Repair Services we provide include:
On-site evaluation of your computer
Processor and/or motherboard upgrades
Memory upgrades
Hard drive replacement and upgrades
DVD burner installation
Trojan, malware and virus removal

Performance enhancements
Data recovery, data transfer and data backup
Free on-site pickup and deliver

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Our upgrade services include:
Equipment audit
Equipment upgrade plan
Business network and equipment plans
Operating system upgrades
Software & hardware upgrades
Latest software patches and fixes
Hard drive replacement
Onsite pickup and delivery of your system

Trojan, Malware & Virus Removal
Many computers become infected by new viruses being created each day. We have extensive experience in trojan, malware and virus removal over the years. Once your system is cleaned, we will evaluate your current antivirus software and make sure it is up to date. We may also recommend a better product to help avoid future infections.

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Network Equipment
Networking equipment may sometime be required to connect two or more computers and/or enhance security. We recommend, install and support network cards, hubs, switches, wireless routers, and firewall products providing your home office or business with quality products from Linksys, D-Link, 3Com, Cisco, Motorola, etc .

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Computer Performance
As computers age and changes are made to the system, they tend to degrade without periodic performance enhancements such as defragmenting your hard drive, applying software patches and fixes, cleaning up the Windows registry, and deleting unnecessary files. Our computer performance services can get your computer system running back in tiptop shape.

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Computer Repair
Unlike some of our competitors, we offer on-site pickup and drop off for your computer repair.  No need to take time out from your busy schedule to deliver your system to a computer repair shop - we will pick, repair and deliver your computer system within 24-48 hours to reduce interruptions to your business.

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